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with the remote-controlled JEL-R


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Technological lead

With the combination of skills of both crane operator and lifting tool JEL-R, it is now possible to move the load more efficiently, safely and effectively. Achieve a technological edge over your competition with time savings, added safety and unsurpassed load control. Read more...

All-in-one service partner

Behind this powerful hoisting tool are three experienced companies who join forces to provide a reliable solution as a close-knit team of specialists. Design, production, service and maintenance are all carried out on Dutch soil. For you, we go to extremes and beyond. Read more...

Real safety starts with good tools.

JEL-R is an innovation brought about by the market desire for continuous improvement and the pursuit of the safest possible working environment. JEL-R's role as a lifting aid that improves workplace safety during lifting operations improved an important link in an increasingly smart work environment. But we go further. For example, the JEL-R is equipped with various high-tech solutions that give the device unique features and ensure a future-proof product.

Simple yet effective design is at the heart of our solution. Door the forces of three representative companies with extensive experience of rigging, engineering and automation, the result of years of development for the entertainment, oil & gas and offshore industries, among others, is a formula for success. We believe in the power of innovation from local soil and therefore set up our design, production and service facilities on an entirely Dutch supply chain.

Our technological lead provides opportunities


With a maximum lifting capacity of 30,000kg, the JEL-R is capable of rotating heavy loads by remote control. Unique tools that allow the crane operator to rotate loads with simplicity where previously there was no possibility to maneuver. This development is not only there to make lifting operations safer and the work faster, it is there to make the lifting world smarter and to a new level.


JEL-R offers you the power to rotate loads automatically at a distance. In doing so, you retain full control over the load at all times and can use the remote control to choose between precise and controlled rotation, a fully fixed hook or full release. The same principle applies to the emergency stop, which can be programmed in advance as full release or fixed hook. This way you remain in control.


If you aim to improve safety, you have to be safe yourself. That's why a safety factor of 5 or higher has been maintained in the design of the 30tons JEL-R and why all our components are exceptionally tested under the most demanding conditions. In addition, before delivery to our first customers, the unit will be inspected by Aboma for conformity to machine directive 2006/42/EC, among other things. 

One partner for all your needs

With a close-knit team of specialized professionals, we build one well-oiled machine every day from which we can fully relieve our clients. In this way we ensure that our client's work is done as safely and efficiently as possible, while our own working methods are also set up as efficiently as possible. Thus, in addition to our innovation, we offer a long-term strategic partnership where the quality and personality of our service and products are the most important. With us, you are informed at all times about the current state of your equipment and the recorded lifting data. Our customers know they can rely on us whatever the situation, and with that trust we like to work.

As a manufacturer, JEL Products carries out the assembly, installation and maintenance of the JEL-R itself. In doing so, we have a close-knit team of various specialists who go to great lengths to realize the wishes and needs of our clients. Our employees are certified and trained to carry out all work on site. Our clients work closely with our R&D team to directly apply feedback from the market in our continuous development and expansion.

Service & Maintenance

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Hard/Software Updates

We are constantly adapting our products
on the demand development of our customers.

Lease and rental

Already possible from very short periods


Honest and well-considered advice

Infrastructure and public land should be in In accordance with the applicable regulations, the lighting and use of the equipment must be in line with these regulations. In connection with work safety on the site, bodies such as the NEN and the NSVV issue guidelines for this. It is also important that local residents, nature and other interested parties are not excessively disturbed by a lighting installation. Guidelines have also been written for this, which state what the maximum limit values are and what can be considered socially acceptable. Additional requirements may be requested by municipalities or other interested parties. It is important that all requirements are met to ensure the safety, comfort and quality of the installation. 

We understand that very well. Just as we understand that all guidelines and requirements, especially as an unknown with this often highly technical subject matter, can make it unclear what you need to focus on. That's why we offer professional guidance and take the worry out of creating a design that not only meets the statutory requirements, but also your sustainability wishes and those of your stakeholders.