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Technological lead

The combination of our expert knowledge and the quality of our products offer us a significant edge over other reputable alternatives. We deliver savings that light 20 to 35% higher at all times with a warranty that no other can match. Curious about what that looks like for you? 

Installation and service partner

JEL Products carries out the inspections, installation and maintenance of delivered lighting installations itself. We have the knowledge and experience that allows us, together with our close team of specialists, to realize the wishes / needs of our clients. For you we go to the extreme and beyond.

Honest, well-considered advice

We take our projects extremely seriously. For example, we always advise transparently with our clients and use the latest simulation technologies to map out a solution. In addition, we always advise in accordance with the applicable regulations such as the NSVV Directive on Light Nuisance and EN-12464-2. 

Real savings start with good advice.

Renowned and progressive companies like to work with us because we put our customers' needs first.
What will it take to achieve the sustainability goals? And how do we get there, but more importantly, how do we stay there for the long term?
We help companies with drive, passion, expertise and the most progressive lighting brand in the world: DCBright.

It should be clear: those who really want to get the most out of the switch to sustainable, choose the quality of JEL Products.

Our technological lead provides opportunities

We stand for the highest quality and making the most of the transition to sustainable. That is why we exclusively offer products from DCbright, a manufacturer of absolute world class. The luminaires of this manufacturer are innovative and unique. The latest development called Dark Light offers the possibility to illuminate large areas in a uniform and light pollution free way. This is made possible by patented reflector technology and the use of only the highest quality materials. It is by using this new innovation, it is now possible to illuminate areas without stray light to the surroundings or a dazzling view into the luminaire. The light beam is controlled so precisely within the luminaire that it provides maximum efficiency from the light source. This results in a net efficiency of 160 lumens per watt. An efficiency that in the market, is not matched by any other brand. Also effectively, the luminaire delivers more light on the surface due to the mirror effect of the optics in contrast to products with lens technology. In practice, this results in energy savings that are many times higher than other quality LED alternatives.

In addition to 7 to 10 years of manufacturer's warranty on DCbright products, the build quality and engineering delivers a huge durability advantage, in the form of:

- Highest achievable technical lifetime of 196,000hrs [L80B10 as per TM-21].
- Highest achievable net luminous efficacy of 160 lm/w [in accordance with TÜV test].
- Prevents light pollution for the environment and nature [Darksky compliant certified].
- Industrial coating from the DCbright Heavy Duty range [12 layer Titanium powder coating].
- Maximum reduction of the CO2 footprint, through the highest achievable energy savings
- Maximization of individual LED performance through cooling and thermal conductivity engineering.

Questions on application?

Get detailed advice from lighting design to full turnkey realizations.
If you are unsure which product is most suitable, we offer the opportunity to test our products.
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Your partner for installation & maintenance

With a close team full of specialized professionals, we build our clients' lighting installations day and night. In addition to safe and efficient work, we find the quality and personality of our services very important. This enables us to provide a full service without compromising on the client's wishes. You are always aware of the current state of your installation, even when it is not convenient. Our clients know that they can rely on us whatever the situation may be, and that is the trust they place in us.

JEL Products carries out the assembly, installation and maintenance of lighting installations itself. In addition, we have a close-knit team of various specialists who go to great lengths to realize the wishes and needs of our clients. Our technicians are certified and trained to carry out all work at height. They work closely with our design team to ensure that, during installation, the fixtures are immediately aimed correctly on the basis of the lighting design.

Installation - Efficient and Safe

Maintenance work

No matter the height, complexity or times.

Honest and well-considered advice

Infrastructure and public land should be lit and used in accordance with applicable regulations. In connection with work safety on the site, bodies such as the NEN and the NSVV issue guidelines for this. It is also important that local residents, nature and other interested parties are not excessively affected by a lighting installation. Guidelines have also been written for this, which state what the maximum limit values are and what can be considered socially acceptable. Additional requirements may be requested by municipalities or other interested parties. It is important that all requirements are met to ensure the safety, comfort and quality of the installation. 

We understand that very well. Just as we understand that all guidelines and requirements, especially as an unknown with this often highly technical subject matter, can make it unclear what you need to focus on. That's why we offer professional guidance and take the worry out of creating a design that not only meets the statutory requirements, but also your sustainability wishes and those of your stakeholders.  

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Managing Director

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Technical Director