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Dark Licht by DCbright

LED floodlight with precise, nuisance-free lighting control

Dark Light Two - glare-free LED flat spotlight for extreme conditions (dcbright)

Dark Licht Industrial

Power: 1800 - 60 watts
Brightness: 288,000 - 9,600 lumens
Lighting control: Dark Licht Reflector Technology
Colour temperature: 5000K | 4000K | 2700K | 2200K

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Pioneering Full-Cutoff technology stops light pollution

Maximise Light Efficiency with Unrivalled Technological Expertise

Revolutionary Full Cut-Off LED luminaire

The Dark Licht range, a pioneering Dutch design by DCbright, is a game-changer in the world of site lighting. This luminaire introduces an innovative approach aimed at minimising light pollution and maximising effective illumination, making it an ideal replacement for traditional site lighting installations.

World first in light pollution reduction

What is unique about the DarkLicht is the use of full cut-off technology, a world first with lighting control technology that has succeeded in eliminating light pollution. This has been made possible by patented reflector technology and the use of high-quality materials. Its efficiency is second to none; not only does it boast a net efficiency of 160 lumens per watt, but the precise control of the light beam within the luminaire effectively puts more light on the surface than products with lens technology.

Dark Light - LED flat spotlight with highest energy savings (dcbright)

Innovative Dutch design

Building on DCbright's rich tradition of producing world-class industrial lighting fixtures, the Dark Light luminaire has solid build quality and engineering, offering industry-leading durability benefits:

  • Lifetime: 196,000 hours (L80B10 according to TM-21)
  • Light efficiency: 160 lm/w (according to TÜV test)
  • Environmentally friendly: Darksky compliant certified and focused on minimising carbon footprint.
  • Durable Coating: 12-layer titanium powder coating, similar to the DCbright Heavy Duty range.
  • Maximum LED Performance: Through advanced cooling and heat conduction technology.
One of the distinguishing features of all DCbright luminaires is robustness. Whether it is the housing, front cover, reflectors, electrical frame or control system, every aspect is designed for extreme conditions. The proof? DCbright luminaires have been used in challenging environments such as mining in Australia for more than 13 years.

For those looking for reliable and efficient site lighting, DCbright's Dark Licht luminaire is the undisputed choice. Moreover, we offer comprehensive support, from smart advice to detailed calculations, to comply with the latest lighting guidelines. Do you operate in or near nature reserves? Our Darksky-certified Dark Licht luminaires with a light colour of 2200K enable lighting without disturbing nature reserves, bat routes or other important flora and fauna.

Experience the innovation of Dark Licht

We invite you to experience the DarkLicht's unmatched power and unique lighting properties for yourself.
Contact us for a demonstration or a no-obligation test. Your search for the ultimate efficient and industrial LED area light ends here.

dcbright production quality - JEL
emv emc protection - JEL
vibration resistance - JEL
thermal conductivity 390wmk - JEL
temperature protection - JEL
impact resistance IK07 - JEL
water resistance IP67 - JEL
flicker free - JEL
active polarity protection - JEL
transil protection - JEL

Think of nature and leave the environment dark

Dark Light is darksky certified for use in nature reserves

Dark Light Black Logo - DCbright

An extremely robust and efficient planar radiator

All our LED luminaires from DCbright are designed for ruggedness right from development. Not only the housing is built for this, front cover, reflectors, the all-electric frame and control are all built for the extreme. And this is proven in practice, for more than 13 years DCbright's robust luminaires have been used in Australia's mining industry, among others. An environment where failure can have major consequences. "The rich experiences from environments like this have allowed us to continue developing our products to the quality standard we propose today." ~ CEO DCbright. 

For those who want reliable lighting in the workplace, there is no escaping DCbright's LED products. As a brand representative for Europe and elsewhere, we relieve customers in the most demanding environments. We also provide smart advice on use and application and make detailed calculations.

with the possibility of a DarkSky environment

With the advent of the NSVV's latest Light Nuisance Directive 2020, since November 2021 it is mandatory for companies with lighting installations to comply with the new light nuisance limits. It is recommended that you make yourself aware of the latest light nuisance requirements in your area. If you find yourself in a situation where you do not know what to do with the current guidelines, we can advise you in accordance with the most recent and current guidelines. If you use our products, we can also provide you with a report to prove conformity with the requirements.

For those using light in and around nature reserves, it is advisable to find out in advance what is and is not allowed. We can support you in this when it comes to light. For instance, we supply Darksky-certified luminaires in the light colour 2200K to enable lighting in nature reserves and bat trails.

Product specifications

Dark Light Three - glare-free LED flat spotlight for extreme conditions (dcbright)

Dark Licht Three

Maximum power: 1800W
Comes with external driver box/tray.

Dark Light Two - glare-free LED flat spotlight for extreme conditions (dcbright)

Dark Licht Two

Maximum power: 1200W
Comes with external driver box/tray.

Dark Light One - glare-free LED flat spotlight for extreme conditions (dcbright)

Dark Licht One

Maximum power output: 600W
Comes with internal driver.

Image of a 200W DarkLicht luminaire from front and rear

Dark Licht One-S

Maximum power: 200W
Comes with internal driver.

Questions on application?

Get detailed advice from lighting design to full turnkey realisations.
If you are unsure which product is most suitable, we offer the possibility of testing our products.
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Practical examples

Dark Licht Versions
DC DC voltage
Universally applicable crane frame
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