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Orca from DCbright

Leading lighting performance and robustness

Orca - led floodlight (dcbright)

OR-156 'Orca'

Power: 800 watts
Brightness: 111,300 lumens
Lens angles: 70º | 38º | 14×46º | 14º
Colour temperature: 6500K | 4000K | 2700K

Flagship LED floodlight

For unrivalled lumen output

Powerful forerunner in inudstry

The Orca LED Floodlight from DCbright pushes boundaries in industrial lighting. Inspired by the majestic power of its ocean namesake, the Orca is synonymous with unrivalled strength and durability. There is no LED alternative that is more robust nor brighter, even against the tried-and-tested conventional floodlights, the Orca has the upper hand thanks to advanced technology and design.

Designed for the toughest conditions

Specially designed to withstand the extreme challenges of Australian mining, the Orca offers unyielding reliability. The carefully developed housing ensures optimum heat conduction, while the high-quality electronic components ensure top performance in light output.

Whether it is for heavy machinery such as cranes, mining shovels and excavators, or for light towers surrounding them, the Orca is the choice of choice. Thanks to its excellent dust/water and corrosion resistance, it is also ideal for commercial shipping, fishing vessels and offshore applications. 

Orca Dimensions OR156
Dimensions of the OR156 'Orca'

Innovative Dutch design

Manufactured from high-quality materials, the lenses of these floodlights are a core component for efficient light guidance. These maximise light output and effectively direct light from the LEDs to the desired location. Depending on your needs, you can choose from four lens types: 69° or 38° wide beam, 13° far beam or 14×46° flare lens. But you can also choose to get customised advice from one of our experts.

Proudly developed in the Netherlands, the Orca showcases the best of innovative design and engineering. Strategically placed cooling fins maximise heat dissipation, optimising LED performance. Independent tests have shown that our Orca floodlight is up to twice brighter than the competition at comparable power consumption. But in fact, in its class, it is the only luminaire that far exceeds 100,00 lumens.

Choosing the Orca means choosing quality and reliability. Enjoy an impressive standard warranty of 5 years in industrial application and an expected lifetime of 145,000 hours (L80B10). Our durable coating consists of titanium for 93% and with superior degrees of protection and electronic safeguards, your investment is safe.

Experience the power of an Orca

We invite you to experience the Orca's unrivalled power and reliability for yourself.
Contact us for a demonstration or a no-obligation test. Your search for the ultimate industrial LED floodlight ends here.

dcbright production quality - JEL
emv emc protection - JEL
vibration resistance - JEL
thermal conductivity 390wmk - JEL
temperature protection - JEL
impact resistance IK10 - JEL
water resistance IP69K - JEL
flicker free - JEL
active polarity protection - JEL
transil protection - JEL

Product specifications

Orca - led floodlight (dcbright)

OR156 AC

Suitable for use in AC installations

Orca - led floodlight (dcbright)

OR156 DC

Suitable for use in DC voltage installations

Light optics

DCB48 69 degrees

70 degrees

DCB48 38 degrees

38 degrees

DCB48 14x46 degrees

14x46 degrees

DCB48 13 degrees

14 degrees

Special versions

For applications where even the standard OR156 is not enough

Orca HT - LED floodlight lamp for extreme temperatures (dcbright)

Suitable for use in environments where temperatures occur from -55°C to +120°C

SEO _ Orca DCB156 led crane lighting for harsh conditions

Specially designed in a universal crane frame making it the tower crane total solution

Orca SS - led stainless steel floodlight lamp for extreme corrosion (dcbright)

Highly suitable for heavily corrosive environments in 316L stainless steel resistant to almost all chemicals

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