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Lighting resistant to extreme corrosion

Robust LED floodlights suitable for marine and chemical process use

Orca SS - led stainless steel floodlight lamp for extreme corrosion (dcbright)

OR-156 stainless steel 'Orca'

Housing material: 316RVS

Power: 800 watts
Brightness: 111,300 lumens
Lens angles: 70º | 38º | 14×46º | 14º
Colour temperature: 6500K | 4000K | 2700K

Barracuda SS - led stainless steel floodlight lamp for extreme corrosion (dcbright)

BA-48 stainless steel 'Barracuda'

Housing material: 316RVS

Power: 320 - 240 watts
Brightness: 44,100 - 32,600 lumens
Lens angles: 70º | 38º | 14×46º | 14º
Colour temperature: 6500K | 4000K | 2700K

Reliable beacon of light

For lighting in extremely corrosive environments

Meet the solution for extreme corrosion

Ensuring lighting in environments exposed to extreme corrosion and aggressive chemicals requires a sophisticated engineering approach. These demanding environments can rapidly degrade the performance and lifetime of both conventional and LED luminaires. Factors such as saltwater, corrosive chemicals and metal oxides often pose unexpected challenges. At JEL Products, we have used our expertise to provide a superior response with specific modifications to our industrial housings.

Unique 316 Stainless Steel casing

As market leaders in sustainable lighting technology for extreme environments, we have developed a unique 316 stainless steel housing that effectively dissipates heat even at temperatures up to +50°C. Our innovative approach sets industry standards.

We introduce two types of LED luminaires designed for maximum corrosion resistance, available up to 800W. When choosing the right luminaire for your application, we invite you to share your technical specifications with us. This will allow us to offer a tailor-made lighting solution that perfectly fits your scenario.

320 Stainless steel floodlight illuminating a bridge at a distance of 400m
Application of one BA48-320 in stainless steel on a 400m long bridge

Innovative Dutch design with high-quality materials

Our 316 stainless steel floodlights are the advanced versions of our proven Heavy Duty armour series. Features of this series include:
- A range of electronic security measures, including EMC compatibility.
- Innovative temperature sensor technology to prevent overheating and extend lifespan.
- IP69K waterproofing, also the highest achievable waterproof rating.
- IK10 impact-resistant.

Manufactured from high-quality materials, the lenses of these floodlights are a core component for efficient light guidance. These maximise light output and effectively direct light from the LEDs to the desired location. Depending on your needs, you can choose from four lens types: 69° or 38° wide beam, 13° far beam or 14×46° flare lens. But you can also choose to get customised advice from one of our experts.

As with all our products, these stainless steel floodlights are proudly developed in the Netherlands. The innovative cooling fins on the back ensure maximum heat dissipation, optimising LED performance. Kopting for our stainless steel floodlights means choosing quality and reliability. Enjoy an impressive standard guarantee of 5 years in corrosion-sensitive applications and an expected lifetime of 100,000 hours (L80B10).

Experience the power of corrosion-resistant floodlights

Whether you operate in offshore, heavy industry, chemical processing or steel fabrication, our extreme corrosion-resistant luminaires are second to none. We invite you to experience for yourself the impressive strength and reliability of our stainless steel luminaires. Contact our team of specialists for expert advice on the optimal lighting solution for your unique needs.

dcbright production quality - JEL
emv emc protection - JEL
vibration resistance - JEL
thermal conductivity 390wmk - JEL
temperature protection - JEL
impact resistance IK10 - JEL
water resistance IP69K - JEL
flicker free - JEL
active polarity protection - JEL
transil protection - JEL

Product specifications

Orca SS - led stainless steel floodlight lamp for extreme corrosion (dcbright)


Models available in both AC/DC versions

Barracuda SS - led stainless steel floodlight lamp for extreme corrosion (dcbright)


Models available in both AC/DC versions

Light optics

DCB48 69 degrees

70 degrees

DCB48 38 degrees

38 degrees

DCB48 14x46 degrees

14x46 degrees

DCB48 13 degrees

14 degrees

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