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DCbright is known as a high-end manufacturer of some of the brightest and most efficient LED lighting products in the world. These solutions in lighting are used in various sectors, ranging from industry and construction to mining and transportation. At DCbright, we understand that lighting is essential for the productivity and safety of your projects, which is why we only supply top-quality products.

Our wide range of industrial lamps, site lighting and mobile light towers are used worldwide to adequately illuminate mines, construction sites, ports and vehicles. With established distribution networks in Europe, South America, Australia and Asia, and manufacturing base in China, we guarantee high-quality LED lighting solutions at competitive prices. Our design offices in Europe and the Netherlands guarantee innovative and sustainable products.

The team behind DCbright has more than two decades of experience in electronics and industrial design, constantly working to optimise efficiency and performance. This ensures that our products are not only the brightest in the market, but also the most energy-efficient. Moreover, our products are specially designed to perform reliably in the most demanding conditions worldwide.

At DCbright, we strive for excellence in every aspect of our operations. Our European management team ensures strict quality controls and uses advanced equipment and methods in production. Each product undergoes thorough testing to ensure it meets our high quality standards before being shipped to the customer.

Durability is a priority for us. We therefore offer comprehensive support and the option of replacing individual parts, should this be necessary. This not only minimises waste, but also reduces overall costs for our customers.

At JEL Products, we are proud of our close collaboration with DCbright. Together, we are committed to the highest quality and together we develop lighting solutions that offer real value. By joining forces, together we are conquering the crane lighting market and many other sectors.

If you are looking for LED lighting solutions from DCbright, you have come to the right place. Discover DCbright's quality and innovation for yourself and experience how together we are making a difference in the world of industrial lighting.

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Reference projects

Mammoth PTC210
Heavylift Ring crane in Rotterdam
Netherlands, Europe
Chili copper storage lighting
Copper transfer for mining
Chile, South America
photo of eurol truck racing in the desert with lights on it
Eurol DAKAR team
Marocco, Middle East
Jeddah Superdome - Nice Sideshot three crawlercranes with LED Floodlights
Construction of the Jeddah Superdome
Saudi Arabia, Middle East

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