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Consultancy and grant support

Opting for sustainability and quality is rewarded

We support companies and associations in the subsidy process

Thanks to the durability, high quality and positive impact our products make on the environment, you as a customer are eligible for various subsidies. Depending on your industry and the investment amount, a decent amount of subsidy is reserved for you. An amount that can take up to 40% off the initial investment. We inform our clients completely free of obligation about the available subsidies applicable to their situation and how they can obtain them. As a client of JEL Products, this also allows you to get the most out of your investment in sustainable lighting financially.

The grant application process can be complex and time-consuming. That is why If desired, we can provide support throughout the entire grant application and receipt process. Because we have E-recognition, we can also take care of your subsidy application. 


Quality standard

Not every subsidy is available just like that; for this, the invested product often has to meet strict requirements regarding the construction quality and pre-tested lifespan of the components. The products of our brands DCBright and Darklicht have such a high construction quality that they meet these high standards at all times. The necessary information validating this build quality is available to our customers. You can read it on this page

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EIA Grant

You could apply for the energy investment allowance, also known as the EIA subsidy, as a company when you invested in switching to sustainable lighting. This subsidy was subject to strict requirements. Since 2023, this subsidy is no longer available.

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BOSA Grant

You can apply for the subsidy scheme stimulating construction and maintenance of sports facilities, better known as the BOSA subsidy, if you, as an association or club, invest in sustainable alternatives. We would like to tell you what you need to know on this page.

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IP/IK Rating

In our specifications, we use technical terms that are not recognisable to everyone. What do IP and IK Ratings really mean? Why are these ratings so important and which rating is relevant for your application? We would like to tell you more about that.