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Sustainable LED tower crane lighting

Robust LED tower crane lighting for the toughest conditions

SEO _ Orca DCB156 led crane lighting for harsh conditions

Choose Robustness

- Overwhelming light output.
- Grand and robust design.
- Resistant to extreme conditions.
- Ideal for large-scale projects.

Power: 800 watts
Brightness: 111,300 lumens
Lens angles: 70º | 38º | 14×46º | 14º
Colour temperature: 6500K | 4000K | 2700K 

Crane Bracket 600x800

Go for Sophisticated

- Efficient light distribution.
- Minimal light pollution.
- Compact and robust design.
- Perfect for densely built-up areas.

Power: 600 - 320 watts
Brightness: 96,000 - 52,000 lumens
Lighting control: Dark Licht Reflector Technology
Colour temperature: 5000K | 4000K | 2700K | 2200K

Trusted by these parties, among others

Strong and efficient

Maximise Light Efficiency with Unrivalled Technology

Strength and sustainability brought together

Looking for a universal total solution in LED tower crane lighting? We offer the answer, one that is not only innovative and robust, but also contributes to sustainability and the environment. Read on and find out why many international equipment operators choose DCbright's solutions.

Versatile lighting options

From inner-city projects to work near the most remote nature reserves; our LED tower crane lighting is suitable for any situation. Choose our universal solution in a dedicated frame for easy assembly, transport to and from the construction site and storage. Combine this with the light-shielding properties and go for completely nuisance-free construction. With our solution, you can light even in the most sensitive areas, such as bat routes, while causing no nuisance to local ecology.

Advantages of our durable LED tower crane lighting

  • Universal and simple frame for easy assembly and storage. 
  • Unprecedented technical lifetime of more than 196,000 hours
  • Maximum luminous efficacy: 160 lm/w (tested by TÜV).
  • Light without nuisance: Darksky compliant certified.
  • Strongest industrial coating: 12-layer titanium powder coating.
  • Drastic CO2 reduction: reduce your energy savings and light pollution to environment and surroundings, thus reducing your carbon footprint.
Crane Bracket 600x800

Innovative Dutch design

At JEL Products, we continue to innovate. Meet our most proven product, the LED tower crane frame. Designed in the Netherlands in collaboration with the largest national crane rental company to create a universal total solution for tower crane lighting. Our set consisting of: lamp, frame, distribution unit and connection cable is used daily all over the world to light up your construction project without worries. The frame is designed to be stackable, universal and suitable for every tower crane brand in the world and easily stackable on a euro pallet. 

Besides being special, the luminaires we supply in the frame are not below. We supply two options, our DarkLicht for even and light-free illumination of large areas. This luminaire is built for efficiency and works well at various working heights. This luminaire is compact in size and can therefore be stacked in frames of up to 16. In addition, its lumen outputs per watt are unmatched by any other brand, and thanks to our innovative lighting control system, you therefore get more light for less energy.

In addition, we also offer our Orca. One of the most self-explanatory luminaires in terms of robustness. Whether it is the housing, front cover, optics or electrical frame, every aspect is designed for extreme conditions. The combination is fully IP69K waterproof and IK10 impact rated, aka indestructible. The proof? The lamp and frame combination has been used in crane rentals in Europe for more than 7 years without any problems.

Experience the power of our total solution

Our solutions stand for quality, innovation and sustainability in LED tower crane lighting.
Contact us today and experience for yourself why we are the best overall solution for your project.

dcbright production quality - JEL
emv emc protection - JEL
vibration resistance - JEL
thermal conductivity 390wmk - JEL
temperature protection - JEL
impact resistance IK10 - JEL
water resistance IP69K - JEL
flicker free - JEL
active polarity protection - JEL
transil protection - JEL

Construction site brightly lit

While surrounding buildings and nature remain in darkness

We offer the solution for

Extreme robustness and the solution in logistics

All our LED luminaires from DCbright are designed for ruggedness right from development. Not only the housing is built to this, front cover, reflectors, all-electric frame and control are all built for the extreme. And this is proven in practice, for more than 13 years DCbright's robust luminaires have been used in Australia's mining industry, among others. An environment where failure can have major consequences. "The rich experiences from environments like this have allowed us to continue developing our products to the quality standard we propose today." ~ CEO DCbright. 

For those who want reliable lighting in the workplace, there is no escaping DCbright's LED products. As a brand representative for Europe and elsewhere, we relieve customers in the most demanding environments. We also provide smart advice on use and application and make detailed calculations.

A construction site without light nuisance for surroundings

With the advent of the NSVV's latest Light Nuisance Directive 2020, since November 2021 it is mandatory for companies with a lighting installation to comply with the new light nuisance limits. Although a tower crane falls under a temporary lighting installation, it is advisable that you are aware of these requirements. If you find yourself in a situation where you have invested in our light nuisance mitigation solutions, we can provide you with advice and a report demonstrating your compliance with these limits.

For those building within urban areas or near nature reserves, it is advisable to find out in advance what is and is not allowed. We can support you in this when it comes to light. We supply Darksky-certified luminaires in the light colour 2200K to enable lighting in nature reserves and bat trails.

Get light calculated on and around your construction site

and avoid accidents and delays in the authorisation process

Product specifications

SEO _ Orca DCB156 led crane lighting for harsh conditions

DCbright Orca Frame

Maximum power: 800W
Easily stackable up to 8 frames per europallet.

Crane Bracket 600x800

DCbright DarkLight Frame

Maximum power output: 600W
Easily stackable up to 16 frames per europallet.


Tower crane jib lighting

Universally built for boom lengths from 30 to 90m
Easy to connect to both 230VAC and 400VAC.

Crane Bracket connection unit

Power distribution unit in crane frame

Be customised to the power supply of your project
Stackable and fit with our universal crane frames.

Crane Bracket accessory cable

Tower crane lighting supply cable

Be customised to the power supply of your project
Stackable and fit with our universal crane frames.

Questions on application?

Get detailed advice from lighting design to full turnkey realisations.
If you are unsure which product is most suitable, we offer the possibility of testing our products.
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