Tower crane lighting

The DCB 156-800W is supplied in a frame that can be easily, quickly and safely mounted on a tower crane and scaffolding. This frame has been developed in collaboration with Liebherr Nederland.

For an efficient connection of your lighting set, you can also order a distribution unit, timer unit and neoprene cable from JEL Products. More info...

Material: 5mm galvanized steel
Product dimensions: 780 x 1200 x 150mm
Packaging dimensions: 4 pieces / euro pallet
Bracket weight: 52 kg
Bracket + lamp weight: 82,6kg

The DCB156-800W by DCbright is a Dutch design, developed to produce the brightest LED lamp in the world. This is achieved in combination with the lowest energy consumption with which the impact on the environment is minimized. The DCB 156-800W is also available without a frame (Orca series)

If you are looking for good and reliable tower crane or scaffolding lighting, the DCB156-800W is your best choice. With an installed volume of 215,600 lumens and an output of up to 111,300 lumens. The DCB156-800W is also powered by 3 independent drivers for extreme reliability.

This lamp is sold as a replacement for the heavy and energy-consuming Halogen / HQI lamps. The DCBright LED lamps, unlike HQI or halogen lamps, are also easy to connect with 230v. This in combination with the specially developed frame ensures faster installation in a tower crane or scaffold. In addition, you not only save on energy costs per year, but also on maintenance and breakdown costs. With us you get a 5-year warranty and a lifespan whereby after 100,000 hours, 80% of the brightness is still achieved. This is in contrast to HQI / Xenon / Gas discharge or Induction lighting that you can replace on average 15 to 25 times to reach 100,000 hours. You also have no start-up time with LED. Your project will never be stopped due to poor lighting. 

Thanks to the IP67 degree of protection, this is a heavy-duty LED lighting suitable for applications on construction cranes and heavy construction machines. The impact rating of no less than IK10 ensures that you can work without worrying about damage to the lamp. Thanks to its excellent corrosion resistance, this LED solution is also suitable for commercial commercial shipping, fishing vessels and off-shore applications.

The LED lighting from DCBright is of absolute world class and delivers an unparalleled high efficient light output. The housing has been tested in the most demanding environments in the world. Including the mining of Australia.

Thanks to the cooling ribs on the rear, the engineering of the housing has the highest possible heat dissipation, in order to maximize the performance of the LEDs. Current tests claim that the light output on the DCbright is up to 2 times brighter than any other lamp on the market with comparable power consumption.

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Power distribution unit

The distribution unit is standard mounted on a frame that can be mounted on any tower crane. This is also equipped with a 32A connection with strain relief.

With this distribution unit, 4x DCB156-800W lamps can be connected.

Neoprene cable

Length: 60m
Cable: 5x4mm2 
fitted with Cee 400V 32A 5P plug


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