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Hallmarks and certifications JEL Products

At JEL Products, we offer you confidence with our accredited lighting advice. Light plays a crucial role in our daily activities, both natural and artificial. Whether exercising in the evening or working early, the right amount of light is essential for safety and productivity. We understand how important artificial light is for companies to extend working hours and ensure safety. That is why we follow the strictest regulations and approvals to ensure that your lighting installations not only meet legal requirements, but also perform optimally.

NSVV Code of Conduct

NSVV Code of Conduct for Lighting Calculations means transparency in comparison of lighting plans and honest advice.


ISO 9001: Quality Management. Proof of our commitment to quality, recognised by EBN Certification.


Our advice follows the recent and relevant NEN and CIE standards these regulations. This guarantees quality and legal conformity.


VCA: Safety and Health. Certification for safe and healthy working emphasises our commitment to safety.

Trusted by professionals

At JEL Products, we are strong in lighting environments where every detail counts. From large industrial sites to complex machinery and cranes, we understand that optimal lighting is crucial for safety and efficiency. That is why our lighting solutions are accredited with ISO 9001 and VCA** certifications. These seals of approval confirm our commitment to quality and safety. Leading companies such as Boskalis, Liebherr, TBI, DFDS and Ballast Nedam rely on us for their lighting, knowing that we meet the highest standards. Our partnership with DCBright and NMT strengthens our capabilities to provide reliable and sustainable lighting solutions.

Certified by EBN Certification

We are ISO9001 certified

Proof of our commitment to quality

Our ISO 9001 certification, awarded by EBN Certification, is proof of our commitment to quality. This internationally recognised standard represents a reliable and consistent approach to quality management. It guarantees that our products and services continuously meet our customers' expectations and that we are committed to continuous improvement.

Certified by EBN Certification

We are VCA** certified

Matches our commitment to health and safety

Safety is paramount at JEL Products, both in the workplace and in the projects we carry out. Our VCA** certification highlights our commitment to the health and safety of our employees, clients and partners. This certification means that we operate a safety management system that meets the strict requirements of VCA**, indicating that we not only comply with legal requirements, but also take extra steps to avoid risks and ensure a safe working environment.

Certified by the Dutch Lighting Foundation (NSVV)

We recommend in line with NSVV code of conduct light calculation

Differences in interpretation of various lighting calculations arise because there are no uniform rules for calculating a lighting plan. We therefore comply with the NSVV Code of Conduct for Lighting Calculations, developed in cooperation with the NLA (Dutch Lighting Association). This ensures transparency and comparability in lighting plans, which means that you, the client, receive sound and honest lighting advice that complies with uniform calculation methods. As a result, we can guarantee that our lighting calculations are reliable and comparable with other providers.

We follow bodies CIE and NEN-EN

We advise in line with NEN and CIE standards & guidelines

Our advice always follows the NEN and CIE standards. These standards ensure that our lighting plans comply with the latest and most relevant regulations, guaranteeing that you receive effective and compliant advice. It is crucial for companies internationally to follow these standards; deviations can lead not only to inefficiency, but also to liability in preventing accidents. Therefore, we ensure that your lighting plans are fully in line with the applicable standards to ensure safety and compliance.

We are a member of the Netherlands Maritime Technology (NMT)

We are members of the NMT

JEL Products is proud to be a member of the Netherlands Maritime Technology (NMT). This membership strengthens our position in the maritime sector and underlines our commitment to high-quality, safe and sustainable lighting solutions. Working with NMT keeps us abreast of the latest developments and innovations in maritime technology, allowing us to serve our clients even better.
Where possible, we recommend darksky compliant solutions

DarkSky Compliance

We offer DarkSky-certified solutions wherever possible to minimise light pollution. Light pollution can have a major impact on the environment and living conditions. Our DarkSky solutions, including DCBright's Dark Light luminaire, are designed to reduce unwanted light emission, thus contributing to the protection of flora and fauna.

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