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Light means a lot to you and your environment. Constantly we are in contact with light. Not only through the light of the sun, but also with artificial light. If you exercise in the evening, work early in the morning. Light and the right amount are very important. As a company, you therefore depend on light for a safe working environment in the dark. So you can use artificial light to extend the usable hours of the day. But in doing so, it is very important for you as a company to be correctly informed about the applicable regulations. As a company, what do you need to be able to carry out work in artificial light safely? This is where requirements are set by accredited bodies. Examples of relevant requirements include luminance (cd), illuminance (lux), light uniformity (Uo), colour fastness (CRI Ra) and glare (max Gr).

Besides these written guidelines, it can be very important to avoid side effects such as shadow and light nuisance for work safety. This is why we are happy to look with you and find out exactly what you need. We go beyond what is required and ask: what is desirable? That way, in addition to compliance with regulations, you know that your lighting installation is also desirable. Whether you need to improve a current installation, install a new one or whether you could even do with less light. We will get to the bottom of it for you.

We offer you the support you need, whether solving a project-based or company-wide problem. Together with you, we make the most of the transition to sustainable. We have trained designers and engineers who work closely with our factory to address your lighting issues on a daily basis. Together with our quality marks, our technical knowledge and experience, we achieve a visually and technically optimal result.

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Certified by EBN Certification

We are ISO9001 and VCA** certified

ISO9001 Certification: Proof of Our Commitment to Quality

At JEL Products, we constantly strive to improve our processes and products. This commitment is recognised and underlined by our ISO9001 certification, awarded by EBN Certification. The ISO9001 standard is internationally recognised and stands for a consistent, reliable approach to quality management. This means that in all facets of our business, from product development to customer service, we are committed to the highest level of quality and efficiency.

This certification proves that our processes have been carefully evaluated and meet international quality management standards. It guarantees that our products and services consistently meet customer expectations and that we are continuously committed to improvement. With ISO9001, you can be confident that JEL Products is committed to quality, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

VCA Certification: Our Commitment to Safety and Health**

Safety is paramount at JEL Products, both in the workplace and in the projects we carry out. Our VCA** certification, awarded by EBN Certification, emphasises our commitment to the health and safety of our employees, clients and partners. VCA**, or Safety, Health and Environmental Checklist for Contractors, is a standard in safe and healthy working within the industrial sector.

This certification means that JEL Products operates a safety management system that meets the stringent requirements of VCA**. It shows that we not only comply with legal and regulatory requirements, but also take extra steps to avoid risks and ensure a safe working environment. Our clients and partners can be confident that working with JEL Products means that the highest safety standards are taken into account.

By holding these certifications, ISO9001 and VCA**, we emphasise our commitment to quality, safety and reliability - essential values for JEL Products and our customers.


Certified by the Dutch Lighting Foundation (NSVV)

We advise in line with the NSVV Code of Conduct

Differences in the interpretation of various lighting calculations arise because there are no uniform rules for calculating a lighting plan.

When designing a lighting simulation, what should be entered and what should one then present as output so that the client can draw up a fair apples-to-apples comparison? The NSVV (Dutch Foundation for Lighting Science) has developed this 'standard' in close cooperation with the NLA (Dutch Lighting Association) in the form of a code of conduct. Parties complying with this code of conduct use the same basic principles for their calculations. Thus, the outcome of made lighting calculations is comparable to other lighting calculations.

Because we value transparency as well as well-considered advice, we and several other serious parties have signed up to the Code of Conduct on Lighting Calculations. As a result, you as a client know that you can expect a thorough lighting plan from us that is based on truth. The NSVV Code of Conduct for Lighting Calculations fits in with our ideology to get the most out of the transition to sustainability for our clients; honest advice is indispensable.

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We advise according to NEN & CIE standards

Good advice is important and part of getting the most out of the transition to sustainable. With good advice comes clear guidelines, set by competent organisations. We always base our advice on the most recent regulations relevant to you. If necessary, we supplement them. As a result, our clients know that they will receive a sound lighting plan drawn up in accordance with current regulations. Many of the standards we follow come from the NEN and CIE. These regulations are indispensable for sound advice.


We provide DarkSky solutions where possible

Nuisance from lighting installations plays an increasingly important role for many organisations. Sustainability involves both the environment and society. Light pollution towards nature and people, as you may have experienced yourself, is therefore undesirable and must be prevented. Permanent installations such as field lighting or carriageway lighting have long had light pollution requirements. Requirements that are monitored by the NSVV's Light Pollution Guideline, among others. We offer you the opportunity to go one step further and fully protect your environment with a luminaire that is Darksky certified. The Dark Light luminaire from manufacturer DCbright is designed to eliminate unwanted light scatter and glare. Available in the light colour 2200K which, together with full cut-off optics, has the least impact on flora and fauna. 

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