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We like to make the most of the transition to sustainable

As a partner of our customer, we are ready to maximise their transition to sustainable for them. We originated with the thought: "What value can we offer our customer that makes the switch to sustainable more than just a saving?". Thus, every day we help various companies from different industries solve their issues during the sustainability process.

These include preventing accidents by redesigning the lighting installation to prevent glare or developing a frame and luminaire that saves on transport, storage and assembly in addition to energy.

It is important to us that our customers receive honest advice with a realistic long-term view. In addition, it is important for our clients to know how lighting affects the environment and where it creates risks. Because honest and thorough advice is not self-evident, we are affiliated with the NSVV Code of Conduct for Lighting Calculations and always clarify the situation for you in advance.

Founded by Jaap de Graaf who, with 25 years of experience as director of a powerful family business, and his son Lucas, guarantee this idea. And it shows. Since our establishment in 2019, we have already been able to add a large network of leading names to our client portfolio, think of companies like Boskalis, Liebherr, the TBI group and Ballast Nedam.

In order to realise this idea on a permanent basis, we only work with partners and suppliers who also fit within this central idea. DCBright, the brand of which we are responsible importers, is a progressive company that we are proud to call as our partner. The company has the highest quality and most advanced products for the markets we serve, offering our customers the maximum.

Together, we enjoy working towards a future that is sustainable for all.

~ Team JEL Products

Our team



CEO | General Manager

"From my previous company, I brought a lot of experience to JEL Products. I really enjoy working with my son on our new company. I get enormous joy from moments when we get to tell our clients that, in addition to saving energy, we have solved another problem for them. Doing my bit for sustainability and contact with our customer is what I do it for!"



CTO | Technical director

"Working on a new challenge and providing an appropriate solution gives me a thrill. I constantly challenge myself to do better, and the resulting results are fantastic! I enjoy every day working with my father to build our own company where we not only have a nice working environment for ourselves but also help improve our customer's working environment!"

Geoffrey Groos


Consultant | Infra & Industry

"Every day is a new adventure for me where I get the chance to represent JEL Products in the industrial and infrastructure sector. It gives me a great feeling to work with our customers and provide them with the best possible solutions. Bringing together my network and knowledge with our company's innovative products creates unique opportunities and solutions. It gives me energy when we help another customer become more sustainable."



Office manager | grants coach

"Working with two driven men at the wheel is incredibly fun. I enjoy taking tasks off their hands and supporting them in their daily operations. It makes me feel good when I see how our customers react and share their positive experiences with us. I like figures and researching things. It is for this reason that I am responsible for the administration and supervision of the various subsidy processes."

SEO _ Service and maintenance of lighting installations


Fitter | Installation work

"What I like about the company is that we are a relatively small team but build big things. I find it incredibly cool to be part of this company and enjoy working on our projects. We either work safely or we don't."

Arjan Mechanic JEL Products on project DFDS


Fitter | Installation work

"I love working on our projects. The diversity and locations of the projects appeal to me the most. From my experience, I know that working precisely brings long-term benefits. That is why I only leave location when everything is right."