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Lighting at high temperatures

Robust LED floodlights suitable for use up to +120ºC

Orca HT - LED floodlight lamp for extreme temperatures (dcbright)

OR-156 'Orca' HT

Temperature resistance: +120ºC

Power: 320- 240 watts
Brightness: 73,600 - 55,000 lumens
Lighting control: 120º or HT Lenses
Colour temperature: 6500K - 2700K
Optional: Infrared reflective Gold-PCB

Barracuda HT - LED floodlight lamp for extreme temperatures (dcbright)

BA-48 'Barracuda' HT

Temperature resistance: +120ºC

Power: 120 - 35 watts
Brightness: 20,600 - 7,000 lumens
Lighting control: 120º or HT Lenses
Colour temperature: 6500K - 2700K
Optional: Infrared reflective Gold-PCB

Linear heat-resistant luminaire image


Temperature resistance: +110ºC

Power: 22 - 150 watts
Brightness: 3,360 - 24,750 lumens
Lighting control: 120º (No lenses)
Colour temperature: 5000K - 3000K
Optional: High Impact Clear Glass

Lamps can also be supplied in a housing made entirely of 316L stainless steel.
For this, please contact our product engineer at lucas@jelproducts.nl.

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Strong and temperature-resistant

Reliable lighting at extremely high temperatures

Meet the solution for high temperatures

Lighting environments where temperatures rise above +80°C is a specialised task. Thus, in addition to extreme heat, an enclosure often has to deal with various forms of heat radiation that have a major impact on the heat distribution of the luminaire. The influence of infrared radiation, for example, is often underestimated. DCbright has developed a smart luminaire with various modifications to proven industrial enclosures that can adapt itself to these extreme conditions.

In doing so, we are the only company in the market that has succeeded in developing high-temperature lenses that can continue to function efficiently up to +120°C.

LED luminaires up to 320W and 73,000 lumens

There are three types of LED luminaires capable of withstanding high temperatures up to +120°C. These are available in various wattages up to 320W. However, when applying these luminaire types, it is important that you provide us with the correct information regarding your application. Based on this information, we can recommend a suitable product composition. Feel free to ask us about the possibilities for a design that is completely tailored to your situation. Because when it comes to heat, good preparation is essential.

It is possible to supply our floodlights infrared-resistant
SN35-35HT-SS (front shot)
Our enclosures can be made of 316L stainless steel

High-temperature floodlights

DCbright's high-temperature LED luminaires keep cool. This unique LED luminaire is the only one on the market capable of temperatures up to +120°C withstood for a long time. Resistance to these extreme temperatures is possible thanks to the housing design, high-temperature designed electronic components and special titanium-based thermal coating. The fixture also features smart temperature feedback that allows the fixture to automatically and appropriately switch itself in power when it measures that it is getting too hot. This prevents overheating and extends the lifetime of the luminaire. For a detailed explanation of how this luminaire works, we would be happy to give you no-obligation demo.

DCbright's high-temperature luminaires are your choice if you are looking for a powerful LED light source that can operate in environments where it can get hot. The HT series is ideal for use in and around blast furnaces, heavy industry, paper mills, chemical processing, fire protection, climate chambers and mining. Also, thanks to its excellent heat resistance and efficiency, the HT series is suitable for use in mobile light towers in scientific research around volcanoes. Wondering whether the HT Barracuda is also suitable for your application? Feel free to advise by one of our experts.

In addition to a heat-resistant LED light source, we are the only manufacturer in the world to offer high-temperature lenses. These have been specially developed for our high-temperature range of floodlights. The lenses are gemmade of heat-resistant materials and direct the light from the LEDs to where it is needed in the most efficient way. This ensures maximum net light output, even at +120°C. Based on the application, there is a choice of 3 types of lenses: 60° wide beam, 40° wide beam and a 20° diffuser.

As with all our products, our high-temperature range of luminaires has been proudly developed in the Netherlands. The innovative cooling fins on the rear maximise heat dissipation, optimising LED performance. Our tests show that our light output is up to twice as bright as competing lamps at comparable power consumption. Not only do we prove this, we are happy to show it see you in reality With various trial arrangements.

Choosing our high-temperature resistant luminaires means choosing reliability in the extreme environment. Enjoy an impressive standard warranty of 5 years and an expected lifetime of 50,000 hours L70B10 in constant heat. Thanks in part to the special coating, excellent degrees of protection and electronic safeguards, your investment and your operation are safe.

Experience the innovation of our high-temperature lamps

We invite you to experience the unmatched power and unique lighting characteristics of our HT luminaires for yourself.
Contact us for a demonstration or a no-obligation test. Your search for the ultimate efficient and temperature-resistant LED spotlight ends here.

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Product specifications

Orca HT - LED floodlight lamp for extreme temperatures (dcbright)


Maximum power: 320W
Comes with external driver in box.

Barracuda HT - LED floodlight lamp for extreme temperatures (dcbright)


Maximum power: 120W
Comes with external driver in box.

Linear heat-resistant luminaire image


Maximum power: 150W
Comes with external driver.

Snapper HT - led floodlight lamp for extreme temperatures (dcbright)


Maximum power: 35W
Comes with external driver in box.

High-temperature light optics (+120ºC)
DCB156 69 degrees

60 degrees

DCB156 38 degrees

40 degrees

DCB156 13 degrees

20 degrees

Questions on application?

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High-temperature versions
316L stainless steel casing
High-temperature resistant
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