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A tailor-made product solution

From problem to solution

JEL Products offers you support in solving a project-based or company-wide lighting problem. We start with a design from which we can develop further into new models or modifications to our existing luminaires. We have trained designers and engineers who work closely with our factory on your lighting issues on a daily basis. If required, we can design a new luminaire (line) entirely according to your wishes. Projects are regularly designed on behalf of construction companies, heavy industry or consultancy firms. Together with you, our technical knowledge and experience and the input from our factory, we achieve a visually and technically optimal result.

Unprecedented possibilities

Our possibilities are virtually endless. In cooperation with our factory, we have extensive experience in the field of product development, especially of unique and high-performance products. Previously, our factory has developed a luminaire resistant to +120°C, an extremely efficient light pollution-free luminaire and the brightest luminaire line for heavy industrial use. Thanks to this expertise and the clear quality of our products, we have been able to provide lighting for many high-profile projects, including the construction of the world's largest dome as well as the largest crane ever built. 

Only the highest quality standard

Our designers and engineers use state-of-the-art 3D drawing systems and lighting simulation programmes. This enables us to work flexibly and implement technical changes quickly. In addition, we always work according to the applicable laws and regulations to ensure you get the right solution. Every component used in our technology undergoes a series of tests and is carefully selected. This allows us to guarantee you the highest quality. Down to the smallest component, everything is calculated and tested by us and, if necessary, designed by us. Read more about our quality standard at this page.

PTC-200DS - Mammoet Europe B.V. - Dalsoyra, Norway 2021/2022

Jeddah Superdome Project - Losberger de Boer - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 2020/2021

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