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Installation and maintenance

Creating and maintaining sustainable lighting installations

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At JEL Products, we strive to not only understand the unique lighting needs of your operational environment, but also execute them competently. We ensure that each lighting installation is designed, installed and maintained with precision to ensure consistency in optimal performance and durability. This ensures that your port terminal, site, and industrial assets operate with maximum efficiency and safety at all times.

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Technical director - JEl Products


Transparent Advice and Proven Expertise

We assure our customers of honest and transparent advice, provided with a realistic long-term vision. It is crucial to understand how the environment can affect lighting and vice versa. This is why, as a company, we are members of the NSVV Code of Conduct for Lighting Calculations and we always ensure a clear understanding of the situation before the start of a project.


Dedicated and Consistent

We bring together diligence and expertise to ensure that our fitters, all certified and trained for work at height, work seamlessly with our design team. This ensures that, during installation, the luminaires are immediately positioned correctly, in line with the lighting design created, and permanently meet your expectations.


Reliable Partners, Superior Results

To apply our philosophy consistently, we work exclusively with partners and suppliers who share these values. DCBright, of which we are the proud importer, is one such progressive partner. They offer the most advanced and high-quality products for the markets we serve, helping us to provide our customers with the best possible solutions.

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Expert Construction & Installation Tailored to your project

Our close-knit team of specialised professionals works tirelessly, day and night, to build lighting installations of the highest quality for our valued clients. Your safety and efficiency are our priorities, but we attach equal importance to the personality and quality of our services. We are dedicated to providing complete carefree service, while scrupulously respecting your needs and wishes. With us, you are always aware of the current state of your installation, even when the timing is less than ideal. We are your reliable partner in all situations, and with that confidence we go to work enthusiastically every day.

Discover Carefree Lighting with
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At JEL Products, we understand the complexity and essence of industrial lighting within your operations. We ensure that your lighting not only functions, but excels.