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At JEL Products, we offer professional lighting advice that fully understands your specific needs and working conditions. Our goal is to help you find the perfect lighting solution that is both efficient and cost-effective.

With years of experience in the lighting industry and a team of highly trained lighting specialists, we offer you professional lighting advice that goes beyond standard solutions. Our advice is based on the latest technologies and market insights, always keeping you one step ahead.

At JEL Products, we are dedicated to providing industrial lighting solutions that save energy, lower costs and reduce your carbon footprint, while increasing workplace safety. Specialising in LED lighting and customised solutions, we are committed to innovation that will take us to a greener future and a brighter tomorrow.

Our thorough approach
for lighting advice

Jaap and Lucas in discussion on professional lighting advice



We start with a comprehensive analysis of your current situation and requirements. This includes an assessment of your current lighting, measuring light levels and identifying opportunities in energy savings. We gather all relevant information to get a clear picture of your needs.

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Based on the inventory, we create a customised lighting plan. We use advanced 3D drawing systems and lighting simulation programmes to create an accurate design. This plan is not only energy-efficient, but also complies with all applicable regulations and increases work safety.

Asphalt paver with nuisance-free DarkLight LED work lights



After design approval, we ensure careful installation and tuning of the lighting. Our team of experts ensures that each component is meticulously installed and tested, so that you are assured of an optimally functioning lighting system.

Our success stories

We have carried out successful lighting consultancy projects for several companies. Our clients appreciate our thoroughness and the noticeable difference in their working environment. Check out some of our case studies to see how we have helped others.

An example of a project that shows what we can offer is the recent LED lighting upgrade we carried out for DFDS' entire port terminal in Vlaardingen, which enabled the terminal to reduce lighting energy consumption by 53%. This is just one example of how our expertise and dedication can benefit your business. For more success stories and our solutions, visit our project page.

Topview DFDS Vlaardingen
DFDS Vlaardingen terminal after conversion sustainable LED lighting
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What do our customers say?

"Daylight at Night at the DFDS Terminal in Vlaardingen. Once again, we're contributing to our sustainability goals with a 53% reduction in energy consumption and a significant improvement in visibility. Thanks to JEL Products for the fantastic collaboration."
L. van Campen
Assets & Fleet Manager
"JEL Products introduced us to the latest technology in light optimisation of our asphalt pavers. We can now see each other incredibly well. It's like working in daylight. Our safety has improved significantly."
klompe asphalt processing square
M. van 't Hoge
Managing Director

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