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Dark Light | Complete catalogue

Dark Light Three - glare-free LED flat spotlight for extreme conditions (dcbright)

DarkLicht is a further development by manufacturer DCbright to create the brightest floodlight with the least impact on the environment. The luminaire is unique and can illuminate large areas in an even- and light-less manner. Everything is made possible by patented reflector technology and the use of high-quality materials. Dark Licht offers a solution in light without glare.

DCbright | Complete catalogue

Orca - led floodlight (dcbright)

DCbright is a high-end manufacturer of the world's brightest and most efficient LED lighting products for industrial, architectural, construction, mining and automotive applications. The industrial lamps, site lighting and mobile light towers produced by DCbright illuminate mines, construction sites, ports, cranes and vehicles around the world.

Orca | Heavy Duty

Orca - led floodlight (dcbright)

Barracuda | Heavy Duty

Barracuda - low glare heavy duty led floodlight (dcbright)

Barracuda | High temperature

Barracuda HT - LED floodlight lamp for extreme temperatures (dcbright)

Barracuda | stainless steel

Barracuda SS - led stainless steel floodlight lamp for extreme corrosion (dcbright)

Piranha | Heavy Duty

Piranha - DCB9 led work light (dcbright)

Crane frame

Crane brackets stacked on a pallet type Orca

P3, P10 | LED screen

SEO _ LED screen


Switchbox 12-24v