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BOSA Grant

To encourage the construction, maintenance and management of sports facilities, as well as the purchase and maintenance of sports equipment, amateur sports organisations can apply for a subsidy from 1 January 2019. This subsidy is also known as BOSA subsidy. This stands for subsidy for Stimulating Construction and Maintenance of Sports Accommodations. Sports associations and foundations can claim subsidy funds from 2019 to 2024 from the BOSA subsidy pot of which around 80 million has been made available annually.

Benefits BOSA Grant
  • The subsidy amounts to 30% of the investment sum including VAT.
  • There is a subsidy supplement of 10% for investments on sustainability -and accessibility. Our LED lighting is eligible for this.
What costs are eligible
  • Equipment acquisition costs (lighting, lighting poles, cabling)
  • Labour costs (installation, inspection, maintenance contract)
Conditions of award
  • The grant amount must be at least €2,500.
  • In principle, all legal forms are eligible for this grant, provided they are not VAT due. For example: Associations, foundations, cooperatives, and not-for-profit companies. It looks at your SBI code.
When to report
  • Before purchase/before activities take place (Art. 11/12): Grant amount from €25,000.
  • Within 12 months of project completion and payment (Art. 8/10): Grant amount from €2.500.
How do you notify BOSA?
Additional information
Questions to the state (DUS-I)?
Phone number: 070 3405566
Edith de Graaf | Grant advisor

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