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What do the well-known IP and IK Ratings mean?

Barracuda - led floodlight (dcbright)
Example: All our floodlights are IP69K
and thus completely moistureproof and dustproof.

IP Rating

The degree of safety of a luminaire is indicated by an IP rating. This is based on 2 digits, described as degree of protection. The degree of touch and penetration is represented by the first number. The second number indicates whether the lamp in can be used outdoors. The higher the number, the higher the quality and the more the product is suitable for harsh conditions. Especially for construction lamps, this is a important indication. The IP designation is internationally standardised in the standard IEC 60529.

First digit IP value

For the first digit of the IP value, it is advisable to require at least a value of IP6x, or full dust-tightness, for outdoor use. Luminaires with lower dust-tightness will quickly become soiled and break down in environments where there is a lot of dust and/or wind. Note: regardless of the application, it is always advisable to aim for the highest possible value.

Second digit IP value

For the second digit of the IP value, it is advisable to require at least a value of IPx6, or waterproof, for outdoor use. For environments where there is a risk of submersion and/or the lamp is heavily used, it is even advisable to opt for a luminaire with minimum values of IPx7 or even IPx8.

Orca - led floodlight (dcbright)
Example: Our orca is with IK10
suitable for the harshest environments

IK Rating

The IK classification classifies the level of protection provided by electrical appliances against external mechanical influences. It is defined by the standard IEC 62262. The degree of mechanical protection is identified by a code consisting of the letters IK followed by two digits.

Description IK value

It is recommended to always aim for the highest achievable IK value, the higher the value the higher the resistance to impact. For a permanent lighting installation such as for a terrain or sports field, IK07 is recommended as the minimum requirement. For mounting luminaires on moving installations with vibrations, impacts and/or in an environment with moving parts, an IK value of at least IK09 or even IK10 is recommended.

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