Make the most of the move to sustainable,
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The quality of DCBright

We work exclusively with DCbright, a manufacturer with the highest production quality in the market. For example, we use only the highest quality materials and they are checked by X-ray upon arrival. Assembly takes place in our own factory where each lamp is tested individually.

Honest, well-considered advice

We take our projects extremely seriously. For example, we always advise transparently with our clients and use the latest simulation technologies to map out a solution. In addition, we always advise in accordance with the applicable regulations such as the NSVV Directive on Light Nuisance and EN-12464-2. 

Technological lead

The combination of our expert knowledge and the quality of our products offer us a significant edge over other reputable alternatives. We deliver savings that light 20 to 35% higher at all times with a warranty that no other can match. Curious about what that looks like for you? 

Real savings start with good advice.

Renowned and progressive companies like to work with us because we put our customers' needs first.
What will it take to achieve the sustainability goals? And how do we get there, but more importantly, how do we stay there for the long term?
We help companies with drive, passion, expertise and the most progressive lighting brand in the world: DCBright.

It should be clear: those who really want to get the most out of the switch to sustainable, choose the quality of JEL Products.

Let yourself be convinced by our well-known projects

Jeddah Superdome

World's largest dome built in the light of JEL Products

Jeddah Superdome

Commissioned by: Losberger de Boer
Used fixtures: DCbright Orca's

With a diameter of 210 meters, a height of 46 meters and a covered area of over
34,636 square meters, the Jeddah Superdome breaks through two world records for building construction.
First, it is now the largest continuous (non-segmented, non-public) dome, a record
previously owned by the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, secondly it is now also the world's
largest geodesic dome. For the construction of this innovative project, JEL Products provided a
design and supply a sophisticated lighting solution that allows the construction of the dome during
the evening hours under the required working conditions could continue.

Mammoth PTC-200-DS

The world's heaviest crane in the light of JEL Products

Mammoth PTC-200-DS

Commissioned by: Mammoet Europe B.V.
Luminaries used: DCbright Orca

For a project of Mammoet, we were able to provide the 194 meter long PTC200DS ring crane, with a lifting capacity of no less than 5 thousand tons (yes, that's 5,000,000 kilos) with a well thought out lighting solution. The crane was assembled along the coast of Norway where it will be used for a long period of time to assemble various large wind turbines for offshore power generation.

Offshore Elevator Vessel

Helipad HLV Guliver in the Light by JEL Products

Offshore Elevator Vessel

Commissioned by: Scaldis SMC
Fixtures used: DCbright Barracudas

The HLV Gulliver is one of the two Heavy Lift Vessels of the Scaldis company from Antwerp. Recently, this offshore work vessel was equipped with DCbright professional LED lighting. This work vessel is used for offshore infrastructure work such as construction and dismantling activities in deep water for the oil and gas industry and the installation of offshore wind farms. In addition, the HLV Gulliver is used for any type of heavy lifting work in challenging situations. DCbright Barracudas are mounted under the helipad, among others.

A true world premiere

First-ever Liebherr LTM-1650-8.1 equipped with light from our Piranhas

Liebherr LTM-1650-8.1

Commissioned by: Mammoet Europe B.V.
Used fixtures: DCbright Piranha's

Mammoet Netherlands recently received a world first. The company was the first in the world to receive the renewed LTM1650-8.1 telescopic crane from Liebherr. This gigantic 8-axle crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 700 tonnes. The new crane brings many technological developments with it. JEL Products was responsible for the lighting of this gigantic crane.

Liebherr van der Spek

Together we came up with the solution for sustainable crane lighting

Liebherr van der Spek

Commissioned by: Van der Spek-Vianen B.V.
Used fixtures: DCbright Orca's

In collaboration with van der Spek-Vianen, we have developed a universal lighting solution for use in tower cranes. In doing so, we have not only offered a sustainable alternative to conventional lighting but also made the relevant processes considerably more efficient. For example, transport costs to and from the construction site together with storage costs have been reduced by 90% and installation costs have been halved.