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World's toughest working conditions

Maximise results on the shop floor with the move to truly reliable and sustainable. JEL Products is the partner for thoughtful and sustainable lighting solutions in the industrial market where compris is not an option. Our advanced technologies and innovative approach to lighting issues offer energy-efficient LED lighting and customised solutions for all your specific needs. We guarantee the right light with complete relief and high-quality products. Choose JEL Products and save energy, reduce costs, your carbon footprint and strengthen your work safety. Contact us today and build a bright and sustainable future together.


Design and realisation of lighting installations


Purpose-designed lighting solutions

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Delivering quality means making the right choices.

Progressive and reputable companies like working with us because we provide them with the total solution for the harsh working environment.
Not only: what is needed to achieve the set objectives and remedy problems? But more importantly, how do we stay there for the long term?
We help companies with drive, passion, expertise and the most progressive lighting brand in the world: DCBright.

It may be clear: those who really want to get the most out of their extreme working environment will opt for JEL Products's extra care and high quality.

Optimum work lighting without glare,
That is what we have managed to do together with Klompé
to be realised for asphalt pavers.

"We can see each other well again now, it's like
Like working in daylight. Our safety is
significantly improved."

~ M. van 't Hoge, Director
Klompé B.V.
Together, we maximise performance for racers
in the dark becomes light, with our spotlights.

"It's really bizarre, I've never seen this much light before"
~ Nico Stijnen #528, Eurol Rallysport
Together with DFDS, we save 182 Mt CO2 per year
the terminal in light, surroundings completely in darkness
all with the help of our expertise and planar radiators.

"Daylight at Night at the DFDS Terminal in Vlaardingen.
Once again, we're contributing to our sustainability goals
with a 53% reduction in energy consumption and a
significant improvement in visibility.
Thanks to JEL Products for the fantastic collaboration."
~ L. van Campen, Fleet & Assets manager DFDS
Together with Losberger de Boer, we managed the working day
with the help of the right working lights.

We ensure maximum visibility of the work site,
each lifting stage is calculated and tested
the result is optimum work lighting.

Get results with our lighting solutions

No challenge is too far for us. Put your lighting problem to us. Take a look at our successful solutions or browse through our already successfully completed projects. From lighting the world's largest dome to the local tennis club around your corner, we have the knowledge and experience to make your project a success.

Lighting design

In a good lighting design, your requirements are paramount. When formulating your wishes, however, it is important that we inform you well in advance about the minimum and legal requirements of a lighting installation relevant to you so that you can make your own informed decisions. Once this has been correctly mapped out, we will start with the lighting design that we will match with your requirements.


Your requirements and specifications are our starting point. If necessary, we perform a technical survey on site after which we deliver a project design. Where necessary, we will adapt and/or develop our products. Made calculations and newly designed products then go through a technical check, plus, of course, your review. JEL Products provides tailor-made solutions from sketch to execution.


Our realisation team has a hands-on mentality that suits JEL Products. As you would expect from our skilled fitters, they install projects with the right knowledge, conclusive certification and correction materials. We work with openness, insight and clarity. By responding well to the environment in which we work, we maximise results.

Project management

For us, project management means overview, correct direction, control and clear communication. Project management thereby ensures the actual realisation of the client's wishes, something to which we are fully committed. Choose JEL Products if you too wish to maximise results.

Service and maintenance

JEL Products is here for periodic inspection and maintenance of your installations and structures. We carry out inspections at height efficiently using cranes or drones. This allows us to provide you with insight into the condition of your various assets such as lighting columns, electrical installation or floodlighting equipment even at locations that are difficult to reach.

Fully unburdened

We take care of everything from A to Z. From technical surveys to carrying out custom work based on your requirements. Design of a new lighting installation, sustainable conversion of entire port terminals or inspection and maintenance of existing installations. Make the most of the transition to sustainability with our services.

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JEL Products is a professional and reliable partner that helps achieve your goals.

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We deliver our projects turnkey. Total relief of the client from A to Z.

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JEL Products is an approachable and flat organisation that rolls up its sleeves.

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Always thinking in terms of solutions. Left, right or over, it gets sorted out. We take those extra steps.

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