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DCBright Quality

DCbright has strict requirements when it comes to production. Materials are checked by X-Ray, Assembly is carried out in our own factory and each lamp is tested individually Read more...

Heavy duty resistant

DCbright products are high duty resistant. The products are designed so it can withstand a good impact and will hold its own in the thoughest environments. In the industrial Read more...

Flicker free products

In many recent scientific studies, connections are made between physical and psychological complaints and the so-called “flickering” of LED lighting. Migraine, loss of concentration

Companies for which we make a difference every day:

JEL Products has a lot of experience in offering a completely suitable solution for relieving the most challenging situations. Do you have an idea or problem with lighting your project, please contact us and let us unburden you.

The fact that our products are so widely applicable is due to the properties of DCBright's LED fixtures. These are suitable for heavy duty applications, can withstand severe vibrations and have up to 16 smart electronic protections that ensure that the luminaire always works. In addition, the design and quality of the Heavy Duty housing and components, in addition to the heat dissipation, ensures that DCBright's luminaires have an undeniably high net lumen efficiency. Want to know more about why our products make a difference? Read more...

The DCB 156-800W has been specially developed for lighting from the tower crane and is the only suitable LED replacement for the 2000Watt HQI lamp. Net lumen output: 111,300

The DCB156-800W can be used from a height of 25 to 200 meters in relation to the work floor. This is possible because the lamp in the frame can be equipped with different lenses, each with a different target height. For example, a lamp with 69º lenses can be used up to 55m, 38º can be used to a height of 90m and 14º can be used up to a height of 200m.

Suitable for heavy applications, resistant to vibrations. Impact rating IK10. Available with 5mm galvanized steel frame for easy mounting and 75% transportation and storage savings compared to HQI and other comparable LED lamps. Read more...

The DCBright TK sets composite sets for bottom-mounted and mobile tower cranes. Depending on the type of crane and the length of the boom, the set consists of 2, 3 or 5 DC Bright LED lamps to replace halogen lamps, which in addition to high energy consumption often cause problems due to vibrations. There is a choice between 30 and 60 degree lenses for two different light images.

For mounting in Spierings AT4 / AT5 / AT6 and Liebherr MK88 / MK140. Read more...

The advantages of LED over High Pressure Sodium (SON / NAV) or Metal Halogen (HPI / HQI):

LED is more energy efficient. The energy saving of LED is approximately. 60% compared to HQI

Reliability and vibration resistance. The highest demands are placed on the equipment for severe (weather) conditions on the construction site, during transport and during construction / dismantling. One of the major advantages of LED lighting compared to HQI lighting is that LED (and certainly that of DCBright) is more resistant to vibrations and vibrations. With that, a longer lifespan of LED lighting.

LED instant start (with built-in soft start). LED light is therefore instant available. Even after a possible temporary power failure. HPI / HQI lamps have a start-up time of approximately 10-20 minutes. After a power failure, or when someone switches the lamps off, it takes 20 minutes for HPI / HQI lamps to be fully operational again.

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